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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 9, 2010, 7:54 AM

i really want everyone who is interested to try it.
so, i figured easiest way.
DO NOT NEED expensive camera, lens, flash, and big water tank.
if you have one, you can use it too.

since this is simple and basic, you can apply your own idea and develop into your own art very easily.

1. get water container

these are the small containers that can be used.
they are very small, focusing problem may occur.
very difficult to get dynamic wave in this size.

i found they are ideal to get good wave shots.
1L glass container, wine bottle, 2L soda bottle.
i prefer something 1.5 to 2 litter soda bottle.
because of its nature,
soda bottle design is simpler than other drinks.
less bumps, smoother curves, so pick this one!
* you do not use soda itself for taking photo.
if you use it, bubble will cover entire bottle
surface and does not look cool in photograph.

any drink bottle that has bumpy design is not good.
these bumps will be distracting to achieve clean shot.
translucent food saving containers are not good either.
you may see through the water but looks very dull in photograph.

2. preparation

rinse it and put water, then put the screw cap back
the amount of water in 40 to 50% works good for clean wave.
please put "water", no colored juice, oil. at your 1st try.
be careful with temperature. must be the room temperature.
if you put cold water, leave it for a while. . . otherwise,
outside of the bottle will be frosted by the moisture around.
hot water does the same to inside wall. but, in this case,
simply rotate the bottle to remove that.

3. setup

the red paper is not related this shot.
i just took sushi before this shot.

prepare black (/ dark) paper or board on the desk
and put the bottle on the top of it
to get a shot like my animation, you can tape it on the board.
and shake them together.

4. camera settings

set your camera on tripod
* using tripod is very important.
* or simply tape it to stack of phone books or something.

Shutter speed
chose as slow as possible.
i mean, if you take 1/125 and you can get a crisp shot, then 1/125 is good.
you can go up 1/250 >1/500 >1/800 > 1/1000 > 1/1250....
usually water wave moves slow, so somewhere 1/250 to 1/800 should be fast enough,
but if shake it very fast, you may need to set faster shutter speed.

as high as possible.
if you use flash, you know what to pick.
if you use sunlight, take it fine day, at very bright place.
then ISO = 400 would be good enough.

Aperture value
I usually use f5 to f8.
but when i take this at cloudy day, i have to pick f2.8 to f4 sometimes.
and i got only several shots i can use out of 1000 or more shots.
to take a shot at fine day, and set f5 or above may be good to get crisp focus.
and make everything easier than cloudy day.

i do not use Auto focus for this.
manual focus at where wave is happening is the best way.

Lighting and Exposure

if you are not sure about Lighting and Exposure,
here is my blog entry for Studio Life Group.

>>>>… <<<<

read it with this journal may get you more idea about this shot.


* using one hand to shake your bottle, and use other to take a photo.

try to get wave like this.
and take shots.


put your favorite colored paper(s) to get colorful result.

bigger tank and closeup setting will get this.

put reflective material on the bottom.

this is by flash with blue-yellow color filters.

this is taken 45 degree upper angle, water is in plastic container for clothes.

middle size container close up shot.

thank you for reading it.
i hope this will help you in some way.
if you can share your wave shot, i will be very very happy.


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